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Why a Duffel May Be the Only Bag You Need

The United States has a $24.4 billion per year luggage industry. People often own many kinds of luggage, including suitcases, carry-on bags, backpacks, totes, and duffel bags. Duffel bags are practical, useful, and widely used. Learn more about duffel bags and what makes them great.

Changes Over Time

The duffel bag arrived on the scene many years earlier than what people may realize. The original soft luggage received its name from a town in Belgium where workers in the 1600s produced bags made from a thick cloth. Duffel cloth, its traditional name, was a thick-napped and coarse wool cloth with many uses.

The bags also had many uses, but many Americans only came to know them when soldiers received them as a part of their gear. The original bags used by American soldiers were a cylindrical shaped heavy canvas bag with an opening at the top. The original design of military bags was heavy and awkward and did little to make them commercially desirable.

A redesign increased interest in the general population in military duffel bags. Eventually, manufacturers realized the potential of an adapted design that would make the bag appeal to more civilians. The flat-bottomed styled bag most often referred to as a gym bag was now an item seen commonly in homes, schools, gyms, and elsewhere.

Variations in Use 

Duffel bags transitioned from military use to athletic use, and modern designs now make them an attractive and functional bag for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. The durability of a well-made duffel and the ease of access to the interior appeal to many when they want a reliable carry-all for hunting and camping.

The duffel functions easily as a travel bag because of its unique style. Smaller versions fit the restrictions for airline carry-on luggage, and passengers can use larger bags as their one personal item allowed on the flight. The flexibility of the bags allows owners to squeeze them into tight spaces on a crowded train, under a bus seat, or in an overfilled car trunk.

The single main zipper on most styles of duffel bags makes it a natural for traveling because it is fast for the owner to access and easy to lock if checked as luggage. The elegance of a high-end duffel bag also satisfies the owner who wants a bag that is as attractive as it is reliable.

Designs With Purpose

Manufacturers expect duffel bags to go places, so they typically craft them in durable materials like canvas and leather. The materials enable them to withstand unpleasant weather and being tossed around.

The lightweight design of the bag makes it easier to carry than many types of luggage. The long shoulder strap enables people to keep their hands free for convenience. A wide zippered opening enables people to pack and unpack their items quickly and with ease.

Duffel bags come in many sizes and styles, so it is possible to find something for everyone. Canvas versions usually appeal to those that want a simple to clean and maintain accessory. The new generation of duffel bags crafted in leather will appeal to those with the desire for a stylish option that will only look better as the bag shows a few scars from its adventures.     

The average outdoor enthusiast and world traveler have a lot of gear to take with them. A duffel bag can help to keep all those important items contained and secure wherever you take them in the world. At Over Under Clothing, we offer hand-crafted duffel bags with lifetime guarantees. Visit our website to learn more or contact us with your questions.

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