Why America Loves the Labrador Retriever

Why America Loves the Labrador Retriever

Since the 1970s, the Labrador retrievers has been one of the most consistently popular dog breeds in the United States. These versatile pups thrive in all kinds of situations and are commonly found as house pets, hunting dogs, and even seeing-eye dogs. Here at Over Under Clothing in Jacksonville, FL, we love hunting with our labs just as much as you do, so we make waterproof luxury dog collars built to withstand whatever conditions you and your hunting partner find yourselves in. But what makes this breed so popular and loveable? Let’s find out!

Why Labrador Retrievers Are So Popular


In the 100 years since their introduction, Labrador retrievers have been meticulously bred to have the ideal temperament for a versatile and obedient dog. These dogs are intuitive and excel at matching the mood around them. If you want to play, they are eager to play. But if it’s time to quiet down and be calm, they are happy to relax with you, too. They are also smart enough to learn and follow commands easily, but they rarely develop the mischievous streak of other intelligent dogs. This makes them wonderful around babies and children, useful during hunts, and dutiful service dogs.

Low-Maintenance Care

Simply put, labs are easy to care for. They don’t have any special diet requirements, they aren’t prone to genetic problems, and you won’t need to bathe them very often. Their coats are layered and water-resistant, allowing them to endure wet conditions without getting too dirty.

What Makes Them Great Sporting Dogs

A Good Build

Labrador retrievers have the ideal mix of strength and agility necessary for successful hunts. Their healthy builds protect them from many common injuries and degenerative disorders while also granting them the stamina to work all day without tiring. Most hunters need a dog that can wade through a cold and damp environment all day and still be able to spring through brush to track down the catch, and labs have no problem pulling that off.

Intelligence & Instinct

Like their name implies, these retrievers have a strong instinct to retrieve prey and bring it back. They’re also intelligent and obedient, which makes them a valuable tool for a hunter who values precision and patience. These qualities allow you to train your dog to your specific style and needs. Their agreeable disposition also helps them wear the multiple dog collars many hunters use without risk of them trying to slip out or fuss about discomfort.


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