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Why You Should Wear Cotton Tees

When you purchase a T-shirt for yourself or someone else, chances are that you do not really think twice about what it is made from. After all, it's just a simple T-shirt, and aren't all T-shirts basically the same? The truth of the matter, however, is that tees do vary greatly in terms of quality and durability.

What determines quality and durability? The answer is material. In terms of these and other quality-related factors, cotton is one of the best T-shirt materials that money can buy. So before you purchase a tee, look to see if it is made of cotton. It can ultimately make a big difference in how satisfied you or the recipient is with the product.

Stay Cool

Most people know that the color of a T-shirt or other piece of clothing can determine how cool the wearer stays. What you might not realize, however, is that the material actually plays a role as well.

Cotton is a much more breathable material than other common tee materials, such as polyester, which allows the skin to stay cool without feeling smothered. Plus, if you do happen to sweat, cotton naturally absorbs the moisture off of the skin. This factor makes it a perfect material for tees that will be worn when being active or when out in the great outdoors. However, anyone who sweats often or tends to get overheated will benefit from a pure cotton tee.

Stay Natural

While many materials commonly used in T-shirt construction are synthetic, cotton has the benefit of being completely natural. It grows right out of the ground and is then harvested to produce T-shirts, other clothing, and more.

Because cotton is natural, its growth and use can have less of a negative environmental impact. Thus, wearers can feel great about their choice of clothing. If you want to reduce your environmental footprint as much as possible, cotton tees and other cotton clothing is a smart choice.

Stay Protected

Cotton T-shirts look great as outerwear. However, they can also make for the perfect under-clothing addition.

Layering with a cotton tee on the bottom, for example, is a great choice. The breathable material keeps wearers free from excessive sweating. Plus, cotton never leads to chafing or discomfort. And if you get too hot, the aforementioned cooling properties of cotton make it so that you can strip off those outer layers and feel great again in an instant.

100% cotton tees are also not as likely to pill as blends or other textiles. So not only does your skin stay cool and protected at all times, but your clothes do too.

Stay Reaction-Free

Many people have allergic reactions to synthetic fibers. Thankfully, however, cotton is considered to be very hypoallergenic. Very rarely do people have any kind of negative reaction to this all-natural fabric.

While people with allergies and skin conditions consult a doctor before they wear any new fabric, cotton is not likely to cause any type of problem for any wearer. This fact not only makes it ideal for people with other allergies, but it also makes it so that you can give a cotton tee as a gift with little worry or concern.

All around, cotton is a great material for any clothing item, especially T-shirts. After all, tees are all about comfort, so why not get a 100% cotton tee, which offers the most comfort and enjoyment possible? For great all-cotton tees and the benefits that go along with them, check out the options available through Over Under Clothing. You will find an awesome selection with excellent prices and quality to match.

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