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Wrinkles, Pet Hair, and Moisture Issues: Fabrics for Busy Weekends

You may opt for a more casual look on the weekend, but that does not mean you want to appear unkempt. Weekend casual clothing should look attractive enough to run errands, visit with friends, and meet someone at a café or pub for lunch. Carefully choose durable clothes from the right fabrics to guarantee they will look great throughout the day.

Fend Off Pet Hair

If your most constant companion is of the four-legged type, your biggest wardrobe concern is likely pet hair. No outfit usually looks its best when littered with strands of dog or cat fur. To keep pet hair to a minimum, avoid weaved clothing that can trap fur in the weave and make it difficult to remove. Some hair may stay on the fabrics even after the clothing comes out of the washer.

Polyester blends do not collect pet fur as easily, but its best benefit is the slick texture that makes it easy to brush the hair away. Waxed cotton, a common material for durable outerwear, also repels fur better than untreated cotton. Leather outwear, shoes, and accessories will also remain fur-free.

Keep Wrinkles Under Control

The average weekend may include a catnap on the sofa before heading out to meet friends or stuffing a change of clothes in a backpack to take to camp. Regardless of the plans, you do not want to spend your time self-conscious of your appearance. Wrinkles substantially diminish the look of all clothing, and they can sometimes form too easily.  

Polyester shirts, shorts, and pants usually stay wrinkle-free with wear. Polyester blends, fleece, and wool also resist wrinkles. A favorite weekend clothing staple for many people is a cotton t-shirt. Cotton clothes can sometimes wrinkle easily. However, that does not mean there is no way to reduce the risk of wrinkles.

Use a wrinkle guard fabric softener when washing laundry to reduce the risk of wrinkles developing. Invest in a wrinkle release spray too. Keep a travel-size bottle of the spray handy when away from home for quick fixes anytime without an iron.  

Prepare for the Weather

Outdoor activities put people at the mercy of the weather. The right clothing not only makes people look better but keeps them safer and more comfortable. Some of the best options include performance clothes from moisture-wicking materials. The fabric pulls moisture, either from rain or perspiration, away from the skin so the clothes dry faster.

Waxed cotton and other treated fabrics can also help to keep people dry. The wearers of these clothes should remember to continue to treat the fabrics as recommended to keep them weather-resistant. Polyester, nylon, and polyester blends do not repel water like a treated fabric will, but they dry quickly. 

Weather issues can also include temperature fluctuations. Layering offers the solution when the range makes one outfit unsuitable for the entire day. A t-shirt or performance shirt as the base layer offers comfort. Cover the base layer with a flannel shirt, quilted vest, and a jacket.

Vests that zip into jackets offer flexibility so people stay comfortable regardless of how the weather changes. A vest and jacket combination may even offer enough warmth to allow people to forgo multiple shirts so bulkiness does not become an issue. The two-piece set offers multiple options, so the wearer has more control over their comfort.

Comfort affects how fully people can enjoy their day. Being wet or cold and wearing outfits with no visual appeal can reduce comfort and happiness. At Over Under Clothing, we offer clothes for active individuals who want to feel as great as they look. Visit our website to see what we offer and contact us if you have questions. We look forward to helping with your clothing needs.

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