Giving Back Tuesday

Giving Back TuesdayOver Under is committed to giving back. As a business we not only promise to provide you with superior quality products but our true hearts desire is helping Man’s Best Friend. You see, we here at Over Under know what it means to help a dog in need. Our passion stems from our own personal experience that changed our lives forever. Her name was Hayden or Miss Hayden as we liked to call her.

We believe all dogs are special, but Hayden had a heart unlike any other we’d seen before and she won ours instantly. Hayden was in desperate need of love, care and immediate medical attention. We took her in and she quickly became a surrogate grandmother to our 8-month-old chocolate lab, Lottie Grace, as well as a much-loved family member. Over the next two and a half years the vet visits and bills pilled up, but the incredible times we had with Miss Hayden far outweighed the high cost of keeping her alive. When the notion to start Over Under clothing first came about, Hayden was still with us. It took us far longer than we anticipated to get our little entrepreneurial dream up and running and Miss Hayden has since gone to The Rainbow Bridge. Although Hayden didn’t make it to see us launch our new company, we know she would be proud that our desire to help other dogs in need didn’t die with her.

Giving BackYou see, Hayden was given a second chance but many dogs aren’t as fortunate. Like so many other organizations, we would love to save every dog in need. Although we know that's not possible, we do feel that we can at least do our small part in giving back and making a difference in as many dog's lives as possible. That is why a portion of each sale goes directly to at risk dogs in need. Not only that, but we will personalize each purchase by donating to at risk dogs in your specific area. With these measures in place, you can be sure your purchase is making an impact in the lives of Man’s Best Friend in your local area. Over Under clothing has been in contact with numerous lab rescue organizations and at risk dog shelters.   Please know that with every purchase made, Over Under will donate a portion of the proceeds to where we best feel we can make a lasting difference in a dogs life. We look forward to bringing you many heartwarming stories of how your purchases changed the fate of a dog in need forever.  

Thank you,

Over Under Clothing