The Ride

We are proud to present our newest short film, "The Ride", which tells the story of our time hunting Osceolas in Chiefland, FL. "It's all about the ride and the people you surround yourself with along the way".

More Than A Brand

"Determination" and "Perseverance" are just a few words we at Over Under live by. Learn why Over Under Clothing, is more than a brand. It is an adventure and a lifestyle and we invite you to enjoy it with us.

Our Story

Sit down with founder, Bryan Horn, and hear how it all began. From day one Over Under has been a brand founded on the principles of quality, service, and giving back. From the first idea through final product we're sure you'll enjoy hearing about our roots.

A Deeper Look

Take a deeper look into Over Under and hear more about our story. From the beginning our brand and products are the result of an unwavering passion for the Sporting Lifestyle. Listen in and enjoy our story.

Spring Short Clip

Take an inside look at our trip to the Florida Panhandle for some Research, Development, and Fishing! Our team and ambassadors enjoyed a few days of inshore fishing intermixed with our Spring 2018 Photoshoot! Take a look and see how the Sporting Lifestyle feels to you.

2017 Fall Video

Among others, one of our favorite places is Wynfield Plantation. Take a ride with us as we enjoy our Fall 2017 photoshoot and take out some quail along the way. Fall 2017 is all about enjoying the Sporting Lifestyle and preserving that as best we can. From Earth Tone Flannels to Field Pants meant to be worn, we're sure we have something for you. South Georgia is a second home to us, and we hope you enjoy!

Girls Can Too

Here at Over Under, our goal is to produce products that can be used by all sportsmen and women. It is our hope that we can continue to purvey the sporting lifestyle for all customers. We are seeing more women enjoying the Sporting Lifestyle than ever before and are expanding our line to suit their needs as well! From Outerwear to leather bags and Jewelry too we're sure to have just that something for the outdoors-woman in your life.

2018 Spring Video

Spring 2018 was all about gear & clothing meant to be worn. We incorporated four-way stretch, wicking fabrics into many of our newest products. Our Tidal Tech Performance line expanded to include more than a dozen new styles. Our new swim & performance shorts were put to the test during this photoshoot and they all kept well! We always want to put our gear through the "ringer" before releasing it, and we're happy to say we are 100% satisfied with Spring!