Joe Benton

Meet Joe Benton, Brand Ambassador Manager & Social Media Specialist at Over Under Clothing.

Joe Benton

What is your favorite Over Under product? And why?

Answer: Wingmaster Duck Camo Field Jacket

Why: Having a waxed jacket that is created specifically for hunting is a game-changer. I’m also a big fan of the classic camo pattern, so anytime I’m hunting deer, duck, or quail, this is the go-to!

What is your favorite dog breed?

Answer: Boykin Spaniel

What is your favorite way to preserve the sporting lifestyle?

Answer: Being an avid outdoorsman, I’m always in the woods or on the water, chasing whatever is in season. However, my favorite time of year is the spring turkey season with duck season as a close 2nd.  

What is your dream outdoor excursion?

Answer: Completing the turkey hunting world slam is my number one goal in the near future. In terms of a single trip, an elk hunt during the rut and hunting a bighorn sheep would both be equally amazing.

Why is American made important to you?

Answer: I love my country, and I want to see it succeed in every way. Being able to work for a company that doesn’t just promote patriotism but supports many other American made companies across the nation is something I’m very proud of.