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Broad Chest, Narrow Waist: Finding Outdoor Clothes That Fit

When you have a body shape that doesn't fit the normal standards for menswear, it's hard to find clothing that fits. Your broad chest leaves you seeking shirts that are too large just to be long enough to cover your torso, and finding pants that are narrow enough to fit your build is difficult as well.

Luckily, your body shape gives you an ideal canvas for layering, which is what you need for outdoor clothing.

Use this guide to help you select the right shirts, pants, and other clothing accessories so you're ready for any hiking, fishing, or camping experience.


Cotton and nylon shirt styles are flexible and stretch with the body, so these materials are ideal for selecting outdoor shirts. Synthetic materials, such as polyester, will not only form well to your body shape but may also help keep moisture and sweat at bay.

Tapered styles that go narrower at the waist and wider in the chest and shoulders help take away the blocky appearance you're trying to avoid. When buying tapered shirts for outdoor use, stick to styles that are extra long so you have enough material left over for tucking in your shirt.

Be wary of large prints and stripes; the more basic hues you choose in your outdoor clothing, the more balanced your torso will appear to the rest of your body.

You can, however, balance a patterned outdoor t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt with a basic jacket in olive green, dark brown, navy, or black to create a layering effect that works to narrow down your torso's appearance.


Seek pants that have wide legroom while narrowing up to the waist. Avoid tapered or skinny-leg cargo pants and trousers, as these styles will make your waist and hips appear even narrower, making your upper half appear even larger in comparison.

Convertible outdoor pants allow you to turn a straight-leg pair of pants into cargo shorts and often come with drawstring inner linings so you can custom-adjust the fit of your pants. Cargo pants and hiking pants made of nylon materials are breathable and allow for ample movement so you can remain comfortable in your favorite outdoor activities.

Moisture-resistant materials are best for pants, so stick to polyester and other synthetic fibers in your bottoms. While cotton is a good choice for casual outdoor pants, the material holds onto moisture and should be replaced with nylon or other pant materials when hiking or going near water to avoid chafing and to keep your body dry.


Accessories include belts, jackets, and coats.


Stick to belts that are wider in solid colors like black, navy, or tobacco brown. A wider belt will give your narrow hips more heft, drawing the eye away from your larger torso to a more-balanced waistline.


Only use jackets that fit you exactly; a jacket that's too small makes your chest look larger, while a jacket too large creates imbalance. If your in-between sizes, have your outdoor clothing specialist put you in a jacket the closest size up so you can layer your pieces with ease.


Buy a coat that has an inner removable lining, such as fleece or nylon. Your coat should be tapered at the waist to help streamline your body and should end just under your hips. With both coats and jackets, the darker the hue you choose, the more flattering your outerwear will make your broad chest.

Your body type can easily be fitted with comfortable, durable outdoor clothing once you know how to fit your physique. Our specialists at Over Under Clothing will assist you in completing your wardrobe with comfortable, flattering pieces you can wear for many outdoor activities. See what we have to offer today.

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