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Do You Know How to Choose the Perfect Belt?

Even if you have purchased as belt in the past, you may not know exactly what you need. Belts come in all shapes and sizes, and buying a belt for a special occasion can be tricky. This guide will give you actionable tips you can use to buy the perfect belt.

Know Your Size

The first step of buying a belt is knowing your size. Many men do not realize belt size makes such a big impact on the way you look in your outfit. A belt that is too big is not functional, and a small belt will accentuate your waistline in a negative way.

First, look at your pants size. The first number is your waist size in inches. If you do not have a size on your pants, you can use fabric measuring tape to find your waist size. Ensure you hold the tape perfectly horizontal as you measure. Add two inches to the number you get to determine your belt size. For example, a man with a waist size of 32 inches will have a belt size of 34 inches.

Choose a Buckle Style

You may not yet be acquainted with different buckle styles, but if you take the time to examine different belts closely, you will see some differences. For example, the frame style is one of the basic belt styles for men, in which the buckle is a simple rectangle. The plate frame is more decorative and casual, and the box frame is hollow and less decorative. The type of buckle you choose will represent the event you attend and your personal style.

Choose a Strap Style

Different strap styles are also available for your belts. Canvas is functional and casual, whereas webbing is great for the outdoors. Canvas belts are functional and typically plain, so they are often used for basic looks.

Leather is one of the most popular options, especially if you want a somewhat formal belt. Even if you do not want to have the leather as the main focus of your belt, you might choose a leather-backed ribbon belt, which allowed you to offer unique colors.

Choose a Quality Leather

If you do choose a leather belt, you have to make another choice. Should you choose cow leather or bison leather? Both are great options, but bison leather offers a slight edge.

Bison hides make excellent leather. Buffalo is tanned in a way typically considered non-toxic, which means anybody who prefers eco-friendly clothing will appreciate the leather. Bison grain is also more distinct than cow hide because it is not stretched as much. Additionally, both cow and bison leather are equal in strength and elasticity.

Determine If a Belt Is Formal or Casual

Each type of belt has specific factors that make it formal or casual. Of course, you may find some overlap between casual and formal belts, so this is essentially a judgement call.

For example, formal belts tend to be smaller with thinner straps and often a sleeker material. Formal belts are often shinier than their casual counterparts, and they are typically made of leather.

Casual belts tend to have bigger buckles and broader straps. The strap material is often tough or thick and typically matte. While a casual belt can be made of leather, other materials are also casual.

Personalize Your Belt

Did you know that you can personalize your new belt with a custom engraved name plate? You can have a name, initials, or even a photo engraved on a name plate on your belt, even when you order online.

Over Under Clothing is an American-made company dedicated to fine apparel and accessories, including belts. From the moment you order your merchandise to the time you receive it, we ensure your experience is as amazing as possible. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our offerings, including our series of bison leather belts.

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