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What to Look for in a Casual Fall Jacket

Fall is in the air, and for most people, that means the time is right to start shopping for an autumn jacket. The perfect fall jacket will keep you comfortable and cozy during this season of fluctuating temperatures and intermittent rainfall. But what features should you look for in a casual fall jacket? Take a look. 

Room for Layers

The challenging thing about getting dressed for fall is that the temperature always changes. One day, the temperature is 70 degrees outside, and the next, it's 45!

If you have plenty of room under your fall coat, you can layer accordingly, adjusting your wardrobe for the temperature. Wear a short-sleeved t-shirt one day and a sweater the next. Having room under your jacket ensures you can wear your fall jacket later in the season, rather than switching to a winter coat the day it drops below 40.

How loose should your jacket be? A good guideline is to buy one size up from what you normally wear. So if you normally wear a size 10, buy a size 12. If you are able to try jackets on in person, wear your bulkiest fall sweater when trying them on, and buy a jacket that fits comfortably over that sweater. 

Water Resistant

You do not need an actual rain jacket as your everyday fall coat, but you do want something water-resistant. Jackets sold as water-resistant will stand up to a little rain without leaking. If you get caught in a shower, the jacket will keep you dry as you look for shelter. The jacket will not keep you dry in an all-out downpour, so use an additional rain jacket or umbrella on those days. 

Interior Pockets

One of the great things about fall is that you get to carry things in your jacket pockets. Ideally, you should look for a jacket with an interior pocket or two. An interior pocket offers more protection and safety for valuable items like your cell phone and wallet. If the interior pocket zips shut, that is even better. 

Front Snap Panel

Even on a warmer fall day, the chilly breeze can cut right through you. A good fall jacket does not just keep out the cold — it also keeps out the wind. The way the front of the jacket closes plays a big role in the jacket's wind resistance. A zipper closure is fine, but you should also cover it with a flap that snaps shut securely. Otherwise, the wind can blow right in through the zipper. 

Soft Lining

Many people focus on the outer material when looking for a fall jacket, but the inner lining is important, too. Times may occur when you wear the jacket with a short-sleeve shirt so the lining will touch your skin. Fleece lining is a soft, comfortable choice that also adds a little warmth to the coat. If you have a coat with some filling, a silky lining is nice, too. 

Neutral Color

You want your fall coat to be versatile so you can wear it with many different outfits. So instead of looking for a bright, flashy coat, look for one in a neutral color. A navy coat is a good choice if you want something unique. Brown, tan, and black are a bit more subdued. A little accent of orange or red adds a hint of flashiness without feeling overwhelming.

A good fall coat will make the season more enjoyable, whether you are dressed in a t-shirt or a big sweater underneath! Shop Over Under for a good selection of American-made jackets and other outdoor apparel. Contact us if you have any questions.

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