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King's Canyon Jacket Charcoal/Bison

King's Canyon Jacket Charcoal/Bison

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Our King's Canyon Jacket is as durable as it is comfortable! Named after King's Canyon National Park, this coat is built for adventure. We took a 300 weight fleece, added a windproof inner layer, finished it with a performance, wicking liner, and corduroy trim to boot. At Over Under Clothing we proudly support the second amendment, so this vest comes equipped with a Concealed Carry Pocket inside the left torso/abdomen area of the piece. This pocket features an elastic strap stitched to grip and cover the trigger guard and top of the slide. It will accommodate most Sub-Compact and Compact Handguns with ease and no fear of revealing what doesn't need to be seen.


  • Windbreaking Inner Liner
  • Performance Membrane Interior
  • Double Shooting Style Corduroy Shoulder Patches
  • Concealed Carry Pocket
  • Matching Corduroy Trim, Zipper Pulls, Yoke
  • 300 wt. Fleece

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