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Rattlesnake Money Clip

Rattlesnake Money Clip

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The new Rattlesnake Money Clip, with Genuine Eastern Diamond Back Rattle Snake Skin, is lined with genuine Horween leather making this piece absolutely timeless. Handmade in South Carolina, we 100% guarantee this money clip will stand the test of time after shedding a few clear layers to keep the rattlesnakes pattern. Rattlesnake skin products will vary some form from the picture as each snake is unique.

Please note: Any dry scales left on the surface of the Snakeskin will come off over time, this is completely normal. After you've used the Rattlesnake skin product for a while, there won't be many raised scales left, but the snakeskin bottom scales will retain its unique pattern.

This American made Rattlesnake Skin Money Clip, featuring 2 magnets, holds bills securely and is perfect to carry around almost any amount of cash.

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